Ebio·ome: manage your experiments

Ebio·ome is a web platform for synthetic biologists to use from bench to plots.

  • Design DNA, here with the openVectorEditor app, or import from standard files.

  • Design Strains

  • Design plates

  • Plot experiment data collected from plates with our plotter app

  • Search from many sources of public data along with yours, your networks' and teams'

  • Compare search results

Create projects to answer scientific questions.
Check out the example project.


Create or import biological designs. Ebio·ome automatically annotates sequences.


Store samples you have in your lab.


Create assays to evaluate your hypothesis: design your well plates and store data you collect.


Download your assay data automagically annotated or plot them interactively.


Take notes and document your work.


DNA, Strains, Medias, Chemicals and associated samples are arranged into collections. The data is in one place, accessible from any other applications using our API.


Find biological objects from various sources. We score their quality and help you compare your results. Search from data aggreated from public databases, networks and teams and see if any of your colleagues already has a sample you need.


Collections and projects can be shared with teammates; no worries, edits are versioned controlled.

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